Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates

, Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates, The Evepost BBC News
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81 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                        

Last two Juve subs: Kulusevski and De Winter, the remaining outfield players on the depleted bench, replace Chiesa and Cuadrado. 


79 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                       

Rare and difficult chance for Dybala who hooks a tricky, high-bouncing volley over the bar from outside the box, hampered by James’ diligent attempt to cramp his style. 


78 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                      

No Lukaku tonight as Chelsea make their last two substitutions: Saul and Mount for Jorginho and Hudson-Odoi, speaking of whom …

, Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates, The Evepost BBC News

Hudson-Odoi bags Chelsea’s third

 REUTERS/Hannah Mckay


75 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                     

Kean is penalised for a foul on Rudiger as he tried to get his body across a bouncing ball and muscle the Chelsea centre-back off balance. Free-kick 30 yards out, Ziyech floats a cross into the box but it’s headed away as is James’ second bite. 

, Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates, The Evepost BBC News

Reece James samshes in Cheslea’s second

Action Images via Reuters/Peter Cziborra


72 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                    

Azpilicueta is given the armband by Jorginho and Marcos Alonso, who had stripped to come on for Chilwell, is presumably being saved for the weekend and Manchester United. 


70 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                   

Chelsea double change:  Azpilicueta and Werner come on for Chilwell, and Pulisic.


68 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                  

Chilwell appears to have hurt his right knee when caught in a collision. Juventus take off Locatelli and Morata and send on Arthur and Kean. 

It’s curtains for Chilwell, too, who departs resting his arms on the two physios’ shoulders. 


66 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                 

Bonucci and Jorginho are having a conversation while covering their mouths as they wait for Ziyech to get up, Jorginho with his hand, Bonucci with his shirt. Ziyech eventually does get up, testing his ankle by stamping it. Juventus clear James’ misplaced corner. 


64 min CHE 3 JUV 0                                

Ziyech is winded after a collision with De Ligt so Chelsea’s corner is delayed. 


62 min CHE 3 JUV 0                               

Chelsea have thoroughly outplayed Juventus and one has to say that players such as Hudson-Odoi, Loftus-Cheek, James, Chilwell, Chalobah and Rudiger have stepped up a level with Tuchel’s training and tactics. 


60 min CHE 3 JUV 0                              

Dybala replaces Bentancur for Juve. 


59 min CHE 3 JUV 0                             

Fantastic team goal with Rudiger making a diagonal from left to right, James bringing it down with his heel and rolling it to Loftus-Cheek. The rangey midfielder’s fast feet in the dribble took it to the left before he teed up Loftus-Cheek to thump home a shot from the edge of the six-yard box. 



Chelsea 3 Juventus 0 (Hudson-Odoi)


57 min CHE 2 JUV 0                            

His magnificent form continues with a blistering half-volley from the right, after stunning a cross from the left, headed on by De Ligt, and thundering a volley back across goal and in at the far post. 



Chelsea 2 Juventus 0 (James)


54 min CHE 1 JUV 0                           

Chelsea free-kick on the left after McKennie’s foul. James bends an inswinger in. Thiago Silva meets it with a glancing header that Szczesny saves smartly with a low block. 


52 min CHE 1 JUV 0                          

Pulisic is surprised when the corner arrives at him through a crowd and allows it to hit him rather than belting it himself and Rabiot bundles it away. Half a minute later Rabiot wears James’ volley in his face as he inadvertently blocked it and it laid him, momentarily, flat out. 


49 min CHE 1 JUV 0                         

Hudson-Odoi plays a one-two on halfway with Ziyech, racing on to the angled pass rolled down the left and he sprints towards the box, cuts in on his right foot and shoots into black-socked shins and has to settle for a corner.  Neat move. Great feet. 


47 min CHE 1 JUV 0                        

Chelsea back on the front foot, James diddling Alex Sandro on halfway to earn a free-kick. 


46 min CHE 1 JUV 0                       

Juve kick off. No changes. 


VAR’s check on Chalobah’s goal

Was allowed following an Ifab law change during the summer which now deems Rudiger’s handball assist legal:  ‘“Accidental handball that leads to a team-mate scoring a goal or having a goal-scoring opportunity will no longer be considered an offence,” 


Half-time CHE 1 JUV 0

Chelsea full deserve their lead with some very impressive performances from the wing-backs, centre-backs, Jorginho and Hudson-Odoi. Poise and precison with the final pass would arguably have already wrapped this game up for them.

Yet Juventus have threatened a couple of times and look dangerous when Locatelli is on the ball and running forwards. Chiesa could steal in at any time. 


45+2 min CHE 1 JUV 0                      

McKennie has a good chance on the edge of the area to the left of the D but air-kicks when trying to wrap his right fioot around the running ball, then Bentancur, with the last kick of the half, bends a right-footer from 25 yards close, but not close enough to creep inside the right post. Mendy had it covered in any case. 


45 min CHE 1 JUV 0                     

This time Juve defend the corner well. We’ll have two minutes of injury time. 


44 min CHE 1 JUV 0                    

Jorginho chips a glorious pass from inside-right to the left of the box. Hudson-Odoi has peeled round McKennie’s blindside and is through on goal but Bonucci, the world’s greatest defender 2012-2021, reads it perfectly and races back to cover at the price of a corner. 


42 min CHE 1 JUV 0                   

Hudson-Odoi makes a good run off Bonucci’s shoulder as James faded a diagonal into the box from the right but he overclubbed it and the ball sailed over CH-O and into touch. 


40 min CHE 1 JUV 0                  

Juve corner after a rare raid up the right begun by Bonucci’s pass. Chiesa makes a mess of it, looking for Alex Sandro’s near-post flick which he slices behind. 


38 min CHE 1 JUV 0                 

Wonderful save low to his right by Szczesny to stop James, Chelsea’s leading scorer, after the right back trapped a diagonal pass on his chest and hammered a right-foot half volley, cutting his laces across the ball.

Before the corner, Chelsea send on Loftus-Cheek for Kante.

Rudiger has a good chance from the corner but makes a shonky connection when he needed to meet it square on. 


35 min CHE 1 JUV 0                

Trevoh’s brother was a hell of a player before his knee injury. He is going to go a lot further if he stays fit.

Jorginho wins the ball in midfield and sets up an attack that peters out. Kante seems to have a knee injury.  

, Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates, The Evepost BBC News

Trevoh Chalobah scores Chelsea’s opener

Action Images via Reuters/Peter Cziborra


33 min CHE 1 JUV 0               

Thiago Silva is fine and back on the field. Kante robs a dawdling Alex Sandro 30 yards out and races towards the box, slipping a pass to Pulsiic who fails to pull the trigger in time and is crowded out bu Bonucci, De Light and Alex Sandro. 

, Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates, The Evepost BBC News

30 min CHE 1 JUV 0              

Thiago Silva makes a crucial goal-line clearance when Mendy had to race out to try to beat Morata to Locatelli’s terrific, chipped pass. Morata got there first and hooked it over the keeper from 15 yards but Thiago hared back and executed an overhead clearance with about a yard, at most, to spare. He slides into the back of the goal and catches his boot in the net, taking a while to get up. 


27 min CHE 1 JUV 0             

Inswinging corner from the left, Rabiot heads it on to Rudiger’s hand, up by his midriff, which deflects it back to the left to Chalobah who buries the volley. Superb finish. 


The goal stands

Chelsea 1-0 Juventus (Chalobah)



VAR is checking whether Chalobah has scored from the corner via Rudiger’s arm. 


24 min CHE 0 JUV 0            

Szczesny sets up for a back-post inswinging cross from James who decides to try and surprise him with a cute near-post shot but the keeper is swift enough to get across and batter it behind. 


23 min CHE 0 JUV 0           

Cuadrado has to use foul means not fair to stop Hudson-Odoi this time, wrestling him to the floor, three yards to the left of the area parallel with the 18-yard line.  Yellow card. 


21 min CHE 0 JUV 0          

Hudson-Odoi, right-footed predominantly, is finding it difficult to beat Cuadrado on the inside and keeps being forced on to his weaker foot. Glenn Hoddle suggests a switch to the right.  

, Chelsea vs Juventus, Champions League: live score and latest updates, The Evepost BBC News

Bonucci tangles with Pulisic

Action Images via Reuters/Peter Cziborra


19 min CHE 0 JUV 0         

Kante squares a pass after a poor clearance from Alex Sandro to Antonio Rudiger 25 yards out but he drags his left-foot shot tamely wide of the right post. 


17 min CHE 0 JUV 0        

Chelsea still dominating possession but finding it harder to penetrate down the right than the left. 


15 min CHE 0 JUV 0       

Ziyech and Chilwell make their way to the byline on the left and the wing-back spears over a near-post cross that required only a connection to divert past Szczesny but Bonucci got in the way. Loftus-Cheek always plays with his head up, scanning the field, assessing his options. Not sure Ziyech does that just yet.  


13 min CHE 0 JUV 0      

First twitch on the thread from Juve and Chiesa makes a superb run between Chalobah and Thiago Silva only for Cuadrado to mess up the pass. Then Morata, who is being booed on his every touch, makes a fine tackle on Chalobah. 


10 min CHE 0 JUV 0     

The corner is sent deep from the left and Cuadrado, with his feet all wrongly placed, whacks the spinning ball behind rather than wait for James to nip in. 

James takes the corner on the right and Chalobah steers a header from the left of the penalty spot wide. Chilwell may have put him off with his leap. Perhaps Chalobah didn’t shout for it early or loudly enough.  


8 min CHE 0 JUV 0    

Good sliding tackle from Cuadrado at his own club to take the ball off Hudson-Odoi and knock it out for a throw. Chelsea earn a corner from the throw when Locatelli tackles Rudiger who was raiding up the left with Chilwell and CH-O. 


7 min CHE 0 JUV 0   

It’s all Chelsea so far. Hudson-Odoi is looking very positive with neat control and good passing. Rabiot is tucked in on the left to allow Chiesa to make a five out of possession with McKennie wide on the right. 


5 min CHE 0 JUV 0  

Juve defend the corner from the near post but Chilwell, who stayed back to counter a break, picks up the ball and hammers a left-foot riser from 35 yards over the bar. 


3 min CHE 0 JUV 0 

Gilded chance for Chilwell in the box after excellent work by Kante down the right to get to the byline and chip it precisely back. Chilwell heard the sound of cash registers ringing in his ears and swung at the volley with his left, miskicking it completely and De Ligt gratefull hacks it behind for a corner. 


1 min CHE 0 JUV 0

Chelsea kick off, both sides in their home kits bar Juventus’ switch to black socks to accommodate Chelsea’s white ones. They earn a throw in on the left and Pulisic’s attempt to dribble into the box from Rudiger’s stabbed pass is hoofed away by Bentancur. 


Eccoli – out come the teams

Ce sont les meilleures équipes
Sie sind die allerbesten Mannschaften
The main event

Die Meister
Die Besten
Les grandes équipes
The champions


Uefa’s team graphic

Has Rabiot playing on the right of a midfield four for Juventus with McKennie on the left. Both are essentially best in midfield threes with Rabiot on the left. Locatelli plays as a deep-lying playmaker for club and country, Bentancur as a more orthodox central midfielder. Chiesa is a winger drifting all across the front line and Morata will run his socks off but the formation doesn’t look quite right for the personnel. 


Thomas Tuchel speaks

Positive news for Romelu at least, bad news for Kai [Havertz] it was too much risk [for a hamstring injury]. Romelu we could call on for minutes at the end.

We had the feeling it might suit Hakim today and Mason from the bench, we think he may have some impact. He had surgery. Sometimes it’s nice to have this kind of player from the bench. Christian and Hakim were very good at Leicester and we thought Hakim would be right for today.

We need to play at a higher rhythm than at Turin, better counter-pressing and bring more players into the box. 


Your line-ups in black and white

Chelsea  Mendy; Chalobah, Thiago Silva, Rudiger; James, Jorginho, Kante, Chilwell; Ziyech, Pulisic, Hudson-Odoi.
Substitutes Kepa, Bettinelli, Alonso, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Sarr, Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Mount, Saul, Lukaku, Werner.

Juventus  Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Bentancur; McKennie, Rabiot; Locatelli; Chiesa, Morata.
Substitutes Pinsoglio, Perin, Rugani, Kulusevski, De Winter, Arthur, Dybala, Kean.

Referee Srdjan Jovanovic (Serbia)


Lukaku and Werner are back but on the bench


How the last group game was settled


A goalkeepers’ union reunion with Bobby Di Matteo


Roman Abramovich is in London

But will not be attending tonight’s game, writes Matt Law

Roman Abramovich will not attend his first Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge for over three years on Tuesday night, despite travelling to London and making a rare visit to the stadium over the weekend.

You can read the full article by clicking on this link.  


Good evening

Juventus currently top Group H with four wins from four including a 1-0 victory over Chelsea in Turin but the hosts can draw level on points with the Old Lady if they win tonight, a victory that would take the finishing positions, including the important seeded-place for the knockout rounds, to the wire when Juventus take on Malmo at home and Chelsea go to St Petersburg on Dec 8. 

Danilo will miss the Chelsea trip having been sidelined for two months with a thigh injury but Paulo Dybala, Alex Sandro, Dejan Kulusevski and Weston McKennie have all made the trip to London.

Massimiliano Allegri believes his side will need a sharper killer instinct against Chelsea’s miserly defensive unit. “Tomorrow we’ll play for first place in the group against the team that last year won the Champions League,” said Allegri.

“So it will be a very important test for us. We need to improve our conversion rate. We create important situations but we are still making mistakes in the final third.”

Romelu Lukaku is due to return from a month out with an ankle injury. The club’s record signing has been in full training since Sunday and Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said he could be selected in the squad if he is deemed fit after meeting with medical staff.

“Maybe he has the chance to be in the squad for the last minutes,” Tuchel said of Lukaku, “but that will be the absolute maximum we can get out of the situation right now.”

Lukaku was hurt in the win over Malmo in the Champions League on Oct. 20, the same game in which Timo Werner also came off the field because of a hamstring injury. Werner has also returned to training and looks more likely to play against Juventus, given Kai Havertz – who has filled in up front over the last month – was withdrawn during the 3-0 win over Leicester in the Premier League on Saturday because of hamstring problems.

Allegri admitted his side are still struggling for goals since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and discussed the importance of Chelsea’s No9 to his preparations. 

“With Lukaku they play in a different way. Without him they have fewer reference points and more counter-attacking players. It’ll be an important test for us.”

By contrast with their imperious form in Europe, Juve have struggled domestically, winning six of their 13 matches, including a 2-0 victory over Lazio in Rome on Saturday, to climb to eighth in Serie A.

“We must improve our finishing. We’re creating good chances and making mistakes with the final ball,” Allegri said. “In Rome we ran risks by not finishing our chances and then allowing counter-attacks. We’ve scored 18 goals and conceded 15 [in Serie A], we need to find more goals as a team.”

“Everywhere Cristiano has gone, he’s always been the top scorer,” he said. “We have a lot of players who can score goals, but at the moment we aren’t finding them.”